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Exact Twin Head Torch Kit, 50mm S/S Burner Head, 92.66kw

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A Premium Professional Torch Kit from German manufacturer Exact. Adjustable Flame with an Economiser Handle which allows a mere pilot flame lighting on standby and full power upon pulling the economiser lever, significantly decreasing gas consumption. The kit comprises of two 50mm Stainless Steel Burner Heads, a 550mm Extension, a handle with an economiser lever and adjustable flow control and 5 meters of High Pressure Hose. 93kw power output, 1.5 to 4 bar operating pressure. Ideal for Roofing, Surface Drying, Heating, Thawing and Weed Burning. For use with standard Irish Butane or Propane cylinders with MTR002 or MTRC04 Regulator respectively, which are sold separately. Please note that performance may be compromised using Butane. European made. Exact torch Equipment conforms to EN 731.

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