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Replacement Boilers and Water Heaters

Looking for replacement gas water heaters or gas combi boiler for your mobile home? We stock replacements for Morco Water Heaters and spare parts. Parts such as Spark generators, Pilot burner assembly’s, Thermocouples and many more available. Replacement Morco Combination Boilers and Morco spare parts such as Replacement Gas Valves and Replacement Spark Generators are also available.

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Morco GB24 Combi Boiler

The Morco GB24 Series III Mobile home or holiday home Combi Boiler has now been replaced by a Series IV.

From an installation, output and user perspective, there are no changes between the Series III and IV boiler. The fitting kit, and all flues remain the same. There are merely a few internal changes.

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Propane regulators safety Excess Flow Valve (EFV)

If you suspect a fault in your regulator, firstly check that the safety excess flow valve has not activated, by connecting the regulator to a cylinder, opening the cylinder valve with a finger partially over the outlet to stimulate normal gas flow.

The following is an extract from the instruction manual of our propane regulators.

‘This Regulator is equipped with a safety excess flow valve as required by Irish standards. The excess flow valve will activate, shutting off gas flow in the event of an excess flow of gas outside of normal operating conditions, for example where a hose is leaking excessively or disconnected. Please note that the excess flow valve may activate when gas is admitted by opening the cylinder valve unless the regulator is connected to installation pipework and an appliance.

Closing the cylinder valve and disconnecting the regulator will reset the excess flow valve and normal operation will resume once the reason for the excess of flow has been rectified.’

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Gas Flame Weed Burners

We have a selection of weed burners to suit different requirements, WB2012 and 306100 to suit patios and gardens, which operate on a disposable gas cartridge. And 306100 for larger gardens and driveways, which operated from a gas cylinder with the appropriate regulator.

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Morco FEB24 Combi Boiler Range Hydraulic Assembly Unit

MCB2191 and MCB2193 for the FEB24E, FEB24ED and FEB24ED3* are no longer available.

It is now necessary to decide which parts of the hydraulic assembly need to be replaced and the unit will need to be repaired prior to re-installing into the combi boiler.

The following options are available to repair hydraulic assemblies:
MCB2257 – Hydraulic valve Kit
MCB2160 – Plate heat exchanger
MCB2335 – Washer and O ring Kit

Below lists parts within a Hydraulic valve kit (MCB2257) that are included either loose or preassembled with their availability to purchase on an individual basis;

MCB2192 – Diaphragm housing
MCB2255 – Diaphragm

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Morco Water Heaters

Morco water heater models D61E, D61B and MP6 (PRIMO6) have now been discontinued and superseded by EUP6.

New regulations came into force in recently which state that water heaters must have lower Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) emissions. This EUP6 water heater is fully compliant, meeting all of the requirements for these new regulations.

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Morco Instantaneous Water Heaters

Morco Instantaneous Water Heaters, D61B/E and the G11E are now discontinued, superseded by the PRIMO6 and PRIMO11 Respectively. The PRIMO6 has almost identical dimensions to the D61B/E and the PRIMO11 to the G11E, making them a direct replacement. The new heaters will accept the existing flues. A fitting kit PRIFK will be required for PRIMO6 installation and EUPFK for PRIMO11 installation.

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Cylinder Regulator Compliance

We acknowledge that as per Irish Standards I.S. 813:2014 +A1; 2017, Domestic Gas Installations, B. that ‘Only a regulator with over pressure or excess flow protection shall be installed’. We acknowledge that EN16129 is the current European standard for the design and manufacture of cylinder regulators, which supersedes EN12864, which is withdrawn. Since 31/12/2015 a regulator offered for sale marked with EN12864 is not compliant.

All of the regulators which we offer for domestic installations have either excess flow or over pressure protection.

Be aware that there is non compliant product on the market in abundance.

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Morco FEB24 Combi Boiler Range Hydraulic Assembly Unit

The MCB2191 complete hydraulic assembly is no longer available, we are now able to supply some of the individual components or, alternatively a hydraulic assembly repair kit for the FEB24 combi boiler range.

The following spare parts are available:

Product Code: MCB2193 – Hydraulic Assembly Repair Kit

The above repair kit includes the items below which can also be purchased separately:

Product Code: MCB2192 – Diaphragm Housing

Product Code: MCB2256 – Diaphragm and Spindle O Ring Kit

Product Code: MCB2160 – DHW Heat Exchanger

In the vast majority of cases, existing assemblies can be repaired by either the repair kit or one of the individual parts. However, the diaphragm housing is the only moulded plastic part from the hydraulic assemblies which is available. If any of the other moulded plastic parts fail, unfortunately a repair is not possible.

Instructions will be included with each repair kit to assist engineers.

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Forklift Truck Cylinders

With regard to the correspondence in circulation originating from the H.S.A. , I would like to point out that the cylinder in question is a single valve cylinder, which in most cases are used only in a cylinder exchange system(i.e. filled by bulk gas suppliers only) and are filled to 80% capacity by measuring the amount of gas by weight or volume. The multi valve forklift truck cylinders that we supply are different in that they have a fixed maximum liquid level gauge(vent valve), where 80% fill is invariably definitively indicated when a steady white mist is emitted from this valve which is open during filling, ensuring no more than 80% fill.

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2190 Piercable Gas Cartridge

Legislation regarding the 2190 pierceable Gas Cartridge changed last year where the cartridge now contains a system inside, a self sealing valve, where you are now able to remove the cartridge from the appliance without gas escaping, whereas before the gas would escape until depleted. The 2190 Pierceable Gas Cartridge which we supply, with immediate effect, conforms to BS EN417:2012 4.3.1