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Gas Pressure Proving and Gas Detection Panel

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This unit must be installed by a suitably qualified person

The Merlin 1000BH is a Gas pressure proving and two zone Gas detection Control Panel. This panel is to be used to carry out a Gas pressure proving test on the downstream pipe work to ascertain that an appliance has not been left on, or a tap in the case of a laboratory, and that there are no leaks. A Gas Pressure Transducer is included to fit to the downstream port on the slam shut valve. This control panel also processes information from remotely mounted gas detectors and or heat sensors where a 230v output to a slam shut solenoid valve is interrupted on detection of high levels of the gas or gases being monitored. It can also provide a 24VDC output to audible or visual alarms. This control panel can accept signals from a fire alarm or BMS to close the gas valve. This panel has a lockable key switch to activate the gas supply.

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