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Morco FEB24 Combi Boiler Range Hydraulic Assembly Unit

The MCB2191 complete hydraulic assembly is no longer available, we are now able to supply some of the individual components or, alternatively a hydraulic assembly repair kit for the FEB24 combi boiler range.

The following spare parts are available:

Product Code: MCB2193 – Hydraulic Assembly Repair Kit

The above repair kit includes the items below which can also be purchased separately:

Product Code: MCB2192 – Diaphragm Housing

Product Code: MCB2256 – Diaphragm and Spindle O Ring Kit

Product Code: MCB2160 – DHW Heat Exchanger

In the vast majority of cases, existing assemblies can be repaired by either the repair kit or one of the individual parts. However, the diaphragm housing is the only moulded plastic part from the hydraulic assemblies which is available. If any of the other moulded plastic parts fail, unfortunately a repair is not possible.

Instructions will be included with each repair kit to assist engineers.

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