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Propane regulators safety Excess Flow Valve (EFV)

If you suspect a fault in your regulator, firstly check that the safety excess flow valve has not activated, by connecting the regulator to a cylinder, opening the cylinder valve with a finger partially over the outlet to stimulate normal gas flow.

The following is an extract from the instruction manual of our propane regulators.

‘This Regulator is equipped with a safety excess flow valve as required by Irish standards. The excess flow valve will activate, shutting off gas flow in the event of an excess flow of gas outside of normal operating conditions, for example where a hose is leaking excessively or disconnected. Please note that the excess flow valve may activate when gas is admitted by opening the cylinder valve unless the regulator is connected to installation pipework and an appliance.

Closing the cylinder valve and disconnecting the regulator will reset the excess flow valve and normal operation will resume once the reason for the excess of flow has been rectified.’

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